The annual Home and Family Conference is sponsored by the Indiana Extension Homemakers Association and Health and Human Sciences Extension at Purdue University.

June 3-5, 2019

Join us for a three day conference to learn new heritage skill crafts, i-LEad sessions, annual meeting, and more. Conference is held at:

Wyndham Indianapolis West, 2544 Executive Drive Indianapolis, Indiana 46241

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Full Registration, early bird.  $150.00
Full Registration, after May 1. $170.00
Day Registration for Tuesday June 4, early bird. $65.00
Day Registration for Tuesday June 4, after May 1. $85.00
Day Registration for Wednesday June 5, early bird. $85.00
Day Registration for Wednesday June 5, after May 1. $105.00
Gala Banquet Dinner Only. $50.00


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Hope Center and Garfield Park Conservatory Guided Tour

Monday, 9:15am-5:00pm (approximate return, cost $46.00, includes lunch)
Hope Center and Garfield Park Conservatory Guided Tour and program.   Tour cost includes transportation, lunch, and admission fees.  The work of the Hope Center is to transform the lives of women exiting sex trafficking.  Throughout history garden plants have had many different uses. Learn some fun folklore surrounding popular plants from our garden and try your skills at making herbal tea.


Monday Sessions in Fortune C & D 11:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. ($10 fee for material)
i-LEaD Level 1 Leader: Diana Stone, HHS Extension Educator, Hancock County & Susan Neher
i-LEaD Level 2 Leader: Mark Kepler, County Extension Director & Extension Educator, Fulton County

Monday, June 3

Meloday Makers Concert

Tuesday, June 4, 7:00pm (single ticket $5 or $10 for ticket and bus transportation)

Tuesday, June 4

Heritage Skills AND Crafts. Seating is limited. 

If one class time is full, you may be placed in a different time slot. If the craft you want is not available it has already met the online registration limit.  Please select another craft.  To be added to the waiting list for a craft be sure tell us in the “instructions” at check out.

Monday Sessions in Fortune A & B

Scherenschnitte Instructor: Jan Gogel, 1:00-2:00 pm. $4.00
Explore the art of Scherenschnitte – “scissors cuts” in German. Participants will make a 3-dimensional
Christmas ornament and a flat cutting mounted on card stock and suitable for framing. Limit 10.

Calligraphy Instructor: Julia Thompson, 1:00-2:30pm or 3:00-4:30pm. $4.00
Julia Thompson, President of the Calligraphy Guild of Indiana will give instruction in the Italic hand, a
beautiful calligraphy form suitable for handmade greeting cards, wedding invitations, place cards and hand- lettered flyers. Limit 12.

Counted Cross Stitch Instructor: Anne Moore, 2:15-3:15pm. $5.00
Try the technique of counted cross stitch as you make a cute ornament to display any time of the year. Limit 20.

Ribbon Weaving Instructor: Jean Hitchcock, 3:30-4:30pm. $5.00
Learn the technique of ribbon weaving as you create a 5” x 5” square of fabric. This square can be sewn to a tote, t-shirt, or framed. Limit 10.

Swedish Weaving Instructor: Jan Gogel, 3:30-4:30pm. $3.00
Try your hand at the art of Swedish Weaving on traditional Huck fabric. Learn to read and follow a chart as you work samples before completing a bookmark in the Swedish Weaving technique. Limit 10.

Wednesday Sessions in Golden Ballroom 4 & 5

Alcohol Ink Instructor: Jane Donaldson, 10:30-11:30am. $8.00
Explore the technique of alcohol ink as you make 2 magnets as practice pieces then put your skills to work creating a necklace with a glass pendant done using alcohol ink. Limit 15.

Embellished Felt Bag Instructor: Cindy Saferight, 10:30-11:30am. $5.00
Have fun making a pretty embellished felt bag that can be used as a jewelry bag or coin purse. Let your
creativity run free! Limit 10.

Pamper Yourself! Instructor: Teresa Bell, 10:30-11:30am. $3.00
Learn how to pamper yourself with easy to make soaks and scrubs that are easy on your pocketbook.
Recipes for several items will be provided, as well as samples to look at. Take home a Maple Brown Sugar Body Scrub that you make in the session. Limit 12.

Blackwork Embroidery Instructor: Meegan Ebacher, 10:30-11:30am. $7.00
The decorative backstitch designs of Blackwork embroidery have been around since the time of Henry the VIII. All supplies will be provided in this class and include a bonus pattern sheet and grid paper for you to create your own designs. Limit 10.


Select one per time slot.

Tuesday, June 4, 1:45-2:45pm

Title of Workshop: President’s Roundtable “All COUNTY PRESIDENTS Aboard! … Charting the Course”
Presenter: Anne Moore
2019-2020 County Presidents are invited to review information for the new program year. One representative per county please.

Title of Workshop: Tinker Thinking
Presenter/s: Barb Beaulieu
How can adults guide young children in developing thinking skills like engineers? How do children play like young engineers? What tools are needed to help create a new generation of engineers? Answers to these questions and more will be presented from the latest research from the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at Purdue. Discover how Extension is proving a new educational program in various counties to help parents and childcare providers facilitate the engineering skills development in young children as the outreach of the research.

Title of Workshop: I Can Leadership Focus
Presenter/s: Jo Almond/Barb Keyes/Stephanie Jerabek
Learn more about the I Can program. See how we can teach others in a new and exciting way.

Title of Workshop: Small Plot Gardening
Presenter/s: Rosie Lerner, Purdue Extension Consumer Horticulture Specialist
Many folks would love to grow their own fresh vegetables, but perhaps they are short on space and/or time.
This session will offer tips for creating and stretching a small garden space.

Tuesday, June 4th, 3:00-4:00pm

Title of Workshop: Indiana Family Impact Seminars
Presenter/s: Kate Kester
Each year, members of the Indiana Consortium of Family Organizations are responsible for the Family Impact Seminar, which works with state legislators to provide non-partisan research to inform policy decisions that will affect families in Indiana. As IEHA is a COFO member, we will take a deeper look at what the Indiana Consortium of Family Organizations is; Why are Family Impact Seminars held not only in Indiana but throughout the country; how are topics chosen and what happens after INFIS. This Leadership Focus Group seeks to answer all of your questions about INFIS and facilitate discussion about the 2019 INFIS and the role of IEHA.

Title of Workshop: Secretary/Treasurer’s Roundtable
Presenter/s: Teresa Bell And Ellen King
2019-2020 County Secretaries and Treasurers are invited to review information for the new program year.
County Secretaries and Treasurers only please.

Title of Workshop: Edible Landfill
Presenter/s: Bettie Jacobs, Educator, Jay County Solid Waste Management District
In this “hands-on” educational unit, “The Edible Landfill,” we will explain why a landfill is necessary and how much of the materials going into a landfill could/should be recycled instead. Each participant will create and eat an “Edible Landfill” of their own.

Title of Workshop: Connecting Indiana Homes
Presenter/s: Dr. Roberto Gallardo & Ryan Wynkoop
Just as it took many years to electrify homes and farms across Indiana in the 20th century, the same is true for connecting these same homes to the Internet in the 21st century. Access to the Internet can play a critical role in the success of farms and rural communities. But there still exists a “digital divide” across the state from large cities to rural towns. This session will discuss what Purdue Extension is doing in Indiana to foster “digital inclusion” and how communities thrive when they have access to broadband internet.

Wednesday, June 5th, 10:30-11:30am

Title of Workshop: Ask Angie
Presenter/s: Angie Abbott
Update from HHS Program Leader and Associate Director for Purdue Extension, Dr. Angie Abbott.

Title of Workshop: Preventing Falls in Everyday Life for Every Age
Presenter/s: Jan Gogel
Falls can really be a downer when they interfere with our everyday lives. Learn ways to prevent falls in older adults and safety measures to take to prevent falls foe children. Learn how to get up from a fall by yourself.

Title of Workshop: i-LEaD Board Fall District Meeting Training
Presenter/s: Ellen King

Wednesday, June 5th, 1:30-2:30pm

Title of Workshop: The Who, What and Where of PR in IEHA
Presenter/s: Shirley Jefferson and Rob White
Writing Public Service Announcements and how to get them out. Let social media outlets drive your club to growth and success. Learn how to use the IEHA logo to further name recognition with club branding.

Title of Workshop: Snacks to Feed Those in Need—Building Weekend Food Programs and Community Partnerships
Presenter/s: Shannon Chipman-Purdue Extension Ohio County—CED/HHS/4-H Youth Development Educator
Through a combined community effort, over 5,000 food bags have been given to students in grades K-8th in Ohio County since 2012. Learn how your Extension Homemaker group can start a similar program to help families stretch their food dollars, build community relationships and help students fight food insecurity.

Title of Workshop: Stretching: Good for the Body and Mind
Presenter/s: Megan Peterson
Participate is a chair yoga class and learn the benefits of stretching. Stretching not only improves physical health but also mental. Participants will leave this session with a little more pep in their step.

Title of Workshop: Membership Networking
Presenter/s: Deb Sweet and Membership Focus Committee
The Membership Focus Committee will be providing handouts, ideas to spur membership and an opportunity to participate in a ”Jam session” on membership networking. This will be the place to go if you need ideas for getting the word out there about the best kept secret…IEHA!

Wednesday, June 5th, 2:45-3:45pm

Title of Workshop: Collaborate, Build Community, engage Volunteers and Address an Identify Community Needs
Presenter/s: Linda Adams, Community Wellness Coordinator, Purdue Extension Marion County
The Bethany Community Garden was created in 2018 with a vision to Build Community through Gardening Together on the Southside of Indianapolis. Bethany Lutheran Church, the South Indy Quality of Life Team and Purdue Extension Marion County leveraged their connections to launch a very successful community garden project that addressed the need for gardening knowledge at the neighborhood level, while giving away over 500 pounds of garden produce to two food pantries and the garden volunteers. Come join this presentation to learn how the Bethany Community Gardens’ core team ultimately brought together 22 collaborating partners and scores of eager community volunteers to build and plant 26 in-ground community garden beds, 17 individual garden beds and 6 new raised garden beds for the Bethany Early Learning Ministry.

Title of Workshop: ACWW Triennial 2019
Presenters: Stephanie Jerabek, Anne Moore, Jo Almond, Linda Gause
Recap of the 2019 Triennial Conference in Melbourne, Australia in April 2019.

Title of Workshop: What Does Climate Change Mean for Indiana?
Presenter/s: Melissa Widhalm
Our climate shapes our lives. The ways we build our roads, manage our farms, move our water and use energy are all influenced by our unique Indiana climate. But our climate has been changing and it will continue changing in ways that affect our productivity, our safety and our livelihoods. In this session, we will look at why climate change is an urgent, local issue with relevance to all Hoosiers and we’ll use the best available research to dig into the question, “what does climate change mean for Indiana?”